Summer Holiday camps -Science not sport!

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MadScienceBBO Tue 17-Jul-18 10:48:57

Hiya! smile
We're running several Science based summer camps around Berkshire in Wokingham, Slough, Windsor and Reading.
If you have any min-mad scientists who would rather get hands on with chemistry or rockets that run around playing football, then definitely check out the different topics we're doing! for all details and dates.
All the camps are hands-on experiments and they always make something to take home with them.
Some days we're launching rockets, making slime and extracting DNA, other days we'll be testing building skills against earthquakes and building robots!
The days run from 10am to 3pm and they get an hours lunch where they can run around and play plus a mini break in the morning and afternoon.

We hope to see some of you joining us for a summer of science!

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BusyButtonsCS Sun 07-Oct-18 16:23:46

HI everybody,
BUSY BUTTONS Creative October Half TermCamp has moved to St George's School Windsor Castle. We are the same camp but with a wonderful new setting. The camp encourages children from ages 3 to 14 years to learn, experience, explore and gain skills from film and theatre industry professionals this Half-Term. In addition, there are weekly visits from various professionals or educational trips

Week 1: 22 - 26 October 2018 (St Georges School, Windsor Castle)
We excitingly work on creating 3D art with imaginative costumes and props to spur our creative juices on as we realise fun and unique Halloween Costumes. All little artists need to be fit as well and so our daily sports programme with our professional sports coach helps us keep our students fit and creative. Join us for some creatively spooky fun.

Week 2: 29 October to 2 November 2018 (Busy Buttons Design Centre - Windsor CIC, Windsor Yards)
This #AnimationCamp we offer our young creatives the possibilities to explore story boarding, film making, animation, sculpting, model making, prop / set making this week whilst children are guided by industry professionals in contributing towards the making of an on-going animation adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's classic ‘TheWindinTheWillows’.

SiblingsDiscount, RBWM Advantage Discount Card Visit Windsor Visit Eton Windsor Castle Windsor, Berkshire

Book by emailing us or call 07952418212

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