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Wythenshaw or St Marys

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auroracase Tue 17-Jul-18 10:08:57

Hello lovely ladies,

I’ve finally got my BFP after over a year of trying so now have some decisions to make. I called up to find out who my local community midwifes are and was told it told it would be south manchester who I can self refer to or if I want to deliver at st Mary’s then I need to get my gp to refer me too. There are lotS of previous posts comparing the two but looking for some up to date experiences.

Thanks in advance!

zanuda Fri 20-Jul-18 15:59:44

Not recent experience, but I've got my 1st at Wythenshaw. 24h's, 3 shifts changed and everybody was absolutely fantastic. And I had to stay at the hospital after that for about 10 days. Still the same - very positive experience. Up to the point that I was thinking that I should change speciality and be trained as a midwife smile (I know, hormones...). As for St Mary's, I have 2 friends with the kids the same age as mine, one had very negative experience, another - very positive.

So, it looks like both hospitals are good, but you might win a lottery with a delivery team...

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