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Free/cheap days out?

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Allyg1185 Tue 17-Jul-18 07:31:27

I am off from work for the next two weeks with ds 7.

I am looking for cheap or free days out to do with him. He's the type that needs kept busy and doesn't deal well with sitting about the house and things like baking, lego, playdough only hold his attention for an hour at the most.

I've got all the usual things planned like parks, beaches, cheaper soft play in town etc. We are going to the local cinema today which is cheaper that the big cinemas. Can't get to a museum as the nearest one is in the city and would have to pay out for trains etc which then starts making it expensive.

I always take a picnic and juice etc anyway so this will continue this week.

Oh and he had kids in the street he likes to play with so not needing something outside the home everyday.

Any ideas would be great. Even indoor ones as willing to try to get ds to understand he can't be out doing something everyday.

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