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Moving from London to Manchester

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ratty83 Sun 15-Jul-18 21:13:37

Hi everyone!
We're moving from SE London to Manchester to be nearer family and we're looking at potential places to live south of Manchester but commutable to the city for my husbands work. We have a 11 month old so future schools are a consideration.
My family is based in stoke on Trent so in between Manchester and there is where we are looking.
It's going to be a massive change moving from London but I'm excited! Does anyone have any advice on places to visit? We're thinking around Stockport area, congleton, cheadle, wilmslow, heatons. Im nervous about moving somewhere and not knowing anyone! My hearts in the north though smile has anyone done a similar move? Anyone live in any of the above places and can recommend them? I've heard Stockport is improving in the same way altrincham has?? Look forward to hearing from some northern families!

zanuda Fri 20-Jul-18 16:08:02

I used to live in Didsbury and really liked it.

As for school thing, would you consider another move for secondary? Because the school situation is not much better then in London. There are good primaries in the areas where secondary is so-so. Or in Didsbury now situation is so bad (I still have friends there) that you need to live in couple blocks area to get the spot at school for the 1st child. Or consider private...

ProcrastinatingPingu Tue 21-Aug-18 12:03:46

Hi! We relocated from Bournemouth a few years back, (I'm from Sale originally) and as my new job was in Stockport we set up base here.

House prices in the Stockport area have gone up, and there is talk of a metrolink line coming in the next 3-5 years, that'll again improve things further but the centre is still rough.
I wouldn't hold my breath on things changing in that respect haha!
Cheadle is lovely, however I'd move further away from the little centre as you still get the riffraff from Cheadle Heath, I used to live there so I know it well.
Didsbury is lovely, and Gatley is too in parts, however where both train stations are situated it's a little busier and gets quite congested, the Didsbury line's trains are often delayed in the morning. East Didsbury has a metrolink station too.
We've just moved to Bredbury, and it's ideal for DH's work as he's in the City centre too, it's 10-15 mins on the train. It's a bit hit and miss neighbourhood wise though, so you have to visit in person.
Heaton Chapel has a train station and the area is nice, there seems to be good schools there and obviously it carries the good name. I don't think the other Heaton's have a station? I'm not sure.
All in all I think unless you want to go for a Grammar school for secondary you may need to move when it comes to secondary school (unless things change of course!) We'll probably move back to Sale to be in Altrincham's catchment when that happens for us. smile

hungrypanda2008 Fri 24-Aug-18 08:55:42

It depends really on budget. If you've got the money, you might like places like Wilmslow and Adeley Edge Cheshire. Also Didsbury which I loved living there. However I moved to Stockport for the schools. There are plenty of good primaries in Didsbury but there is competition for places. Also the current two secondaries are ok but there's better. However there is a new one opening (which I'll come to in a minute) If it's Stockport you're looking at, consider Heaton Moor and Heaton Mersey (not far from Didsbury) - good primaries and closer in catchment for the secondary which is good. It also has a nice little centre in Heaton Moor. Consider Cheadle Hulme - has one of the best secondaries nationally - but it is opening two new secondaries, one in nearby Cheadle and one in Didsbury. Bramhall - again, good schools and a little centre. All of these are reasonable in terms of commute to Manchester. Personally, if you could afford private schooling I'd go for Didsbury as it still has a bit of that city feel. If you want a grammar school education, then you are looking at Altricham, which is very popular as it has a good centre etc. Hope this helps

whiteroseredrose Sun 26-Aug-18 08:17:37

We moved to the Hale / Altrincham area. Lots of things to do with young children. Tram to Manchester but near lots of National Trust places. Great primary schools. Grammar schools if you want, but excellent Wellington school if you don't. Close to the airport but very rare noise. Close to M6 and routes south. (Plus my mum which is of no use to you! ).

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