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Child aged 11-16 years? Research Project at Bath University

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TamsynHBU Fri 13-Jul-18 14:02:03

Hi there,
My name is Tamsyn and I am a final year PhD student looking at stress, coping and resilience in young carers with the aim of developing resources and activities that can support them and help them to manage their day to day lives.

If your child is 11-16 years old, they could help other young people who have a caregiving role, whilst recieving a £5 voucher as a thank you for their time. We are recruiting young people who do not provide care to act as a comparison group.

The study involves completing some questionnaires (which can be sent via post in advance of meeting) and also providing a small sample of hair. This sample is cut using professional hair cutting scissors from the back of the head. This is a painless process and due to the location the sample source cannot be seen by others. The hair samples allow me to measure a hormone called Cortisol which is produced when the body is under stress, so I can see what things help to reduce this hormone in the body by comparing to the answers to the questionnaires.

The questionnaires take about 30 minutes and the hair sample takes about five minutes - the latter of which can be done either at the university or during a home visit (whichever is most convenient). This study has had full ethical approval from the independent Social Research Ethics Committee (REF: S17-017).

If you would like more information about this research or would like to express an interest, please contact me at

Thank you for your time!

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