In search of a French bilingual school the "les petites etoiles" nightmare

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sedinam8 Tue 10-Jul-18 21:52:30

I am very grateful for this website, for having directed me to one of the best nurseries ever : Hendon Preschool nursery. They took my son, when everybody else was reluctant to welcome a 4 month old baby and my son has always been very happy there.

I should return the favour and speak about one Bilingual French nursery, which I found lovely. They had a very large playground and I liked the atmosphere of the classes. I have to admit I paid the registration fee for admission late (July start) for September entry. Not having heard back from them, I called to explain that they were my first choice and if there were some places available, I would like to know. I was made to believe, that there was a potential seat left and that I needed to call Mr Bertin, to see if we could be granted the place. After multiple attempts, I got through to Mr Bertin. What annoys me, is that he doubled checked that I was on the waiting list (meaning I had paid the registration fee) then told me that if they had not contacted me, it was because we had not been selected. and therefore there was no seat left. I answered "but your colleague told me" … To which he retorted: "Well we have already made an offer to another family and I think they are going to accept." If they knew, there were no longer any places left ... why Did they keep on asking for payment of the registration fee? Highly unethical in my view.

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