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2 year old and teeth decay.

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YellowPinkRed Sat 07-Jul-18 19:02:08

So long story short I had very bad teeth as a child. Apparently it runs in my family but I somehow don't believe in bad gens. I had first fillings at 2 years old. So as soon as my little one had her first teeth (7 months) I booked a dental visit and had it regularly every 3-4 months. I suspected fluorosis as she had either patches on her teeth. Likely it was just weekend enamel.

Just 3 weeks after last scheduled visit in children's dentist I've noticed darker spots on her molars. Took her to my dentist (not the rubbish NHS children's one who hasn't noticed it at all) and she confirmed early stages of decay.

My girl doesn't eat any sweets, processed baby food or juices. Her calcium and vit D levels are very good. She's not a great eater and still mainly on breast so I check her nutritions level in blood regurally. She drinks only water and milk.

We used to brush 2 times per day, really thoroughly, but now for the past 2 months we brush after every meal with electric brush.
Our dentist told us that it's probably due to my constant sickness during pregnancy.

I went abroad to see 3 independent dentists in my home city and been told that her decay is most likely due to me taking iron during pregnancy (I had severe anaemia) and her taking iron now. Not a single doctor in UK have mentioned this, which makes me so angry.

Also it is verry possible that her silent reflux has damaged the enamel (again, paediatrician has been telling us she will grow out of it and it took us months to be properly diagnosed and get medicines).

So what do we do now?
I will not put her under general anastetic as I know that's not safe and it's too much risk (I know that doctors tell you it is but I have anaesthesiologist in my family so I know the risks).

Do you know any amazing dental practices specialising in children? Preferably in Dorset. But can be further too. Sometimes she's ok with check ups. But as soon as they put the drill on she's so scared and cries. I don't want to force her.

Share with me your stories pls.
Need your advise.

Halfblindbunny Sat 07-Jul-18 19:06:13

How do you know she cries when she heard the drill? Has anyone tried to drill her teeth? That would be odd for a 2 year old. My son has weakened enamel on his baby teeth cause by him being poorly when he was a newborn. They put a coating in the teeth to make them last as long as possible and eventually had one taken out under anaesthetic when he was 3, the amount of anaesthesic used is tiny he was only actually asleep for about a minute.

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