Admissions advice needed Turing house

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Komdip Sat 04-Aug-18 23:28:28

Thanks Geoffrey. Luckily got a call from Kingston council as we had filled the form. Our 1st and 2nd choice both have places.

geoffreychaucer3789873 Sat 04-Aug-18 08:26:22

Komdip, best to phone the admissions department at Kingston and ask them. For Year 7 admissions you just fill in one form and put down 6 schools which can be in any borough but I'm not sure about in-year admissions. It might say in Kingston's secondary admissions brochure too if you find the chapter on in-year admissions. If you want to find people on here who have experience then I recommend you start a new thread with a title that explains what it's about. Good luck!

Komdip Thu 02-Aug-18 11:49:23

Hello Mums. I have just moved to Kingston from UAE. I am seeking admission for my daughter in Year 10. I have applied in Kingston council. Can I apply in other councils too? What happens if I don't get in the 4 schools I have listed. I am really confused as being new to the country don't have an idea how it works.

LalaLeona Wed 18-Jul-18 16:54:28

Thank you so much we are doing well on the list and things are looking really positive

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bluesnowdog Wed 11-Jul-18 11:23:35

Hello I'm a TH parent, there is loads of movement over the summer, girls who are now in TH may get Waldegrave, which does cause a shift, in our year at this stage there was still movement going on in the first week with people coming and going. Definitely worth going on the list - and it is a lovely school, with many students from Whitton who she could travel with on the bus.

hillyoldman Sun 08-Jul-18 13:30:08

It's got to be worth trying LalaLeona, because there will be others moving around after induction day too and places come do up. One of my friends sons got a place in the school they wanted just the week before term started last year, so its worth staying on the waiting lists. I think some other people drop off the lists once they've got their head round the offer they have and their child has been to induction and enjoyed it, so they might move quickly. Turing's site consultation website says that everyone from Whitton has got in this year so that must put you near the top of the list....

LalaLeona Sun 08-Jul-18 08:33:06

Thank you it's worth a try I guess

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Mary19 Sat 07-Jul-18 13:28:06

You could put her on the waiting list for Turing, The New Richmond upon Thames School and Orleans. It is not impossible. I think theire is less pressure on places since RUT opened.
I am guessing there could be pressure on the Turing waiting list since Teddington got it’s inadequate ofsted. Just a guess.
Put her on all the waiting list then at least she will know you listened and tried but don’t promis3 a place will come up.
Maybe also try Heathland

LalaLeona Fri 06-Jul-18 19:07:29

DD got her first choice secondary school which was green school in Hounslow even though we live in whitton in Richmond borough. However she detested it on transition day and genuinely regrets going for an all girl's school. She has cried Evey day since and has begged me to put her on the waiting list for Turing House. Does anyone think we have a chance at this late stage?..and applying from Whitton.? Very stressed and feel as though I encouraged her to go for the all girl's when it doesn't really suit her. Any advice welcome.

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