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GP - mental health recommendation Chessington

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K1989 Thu 05-Jul-18 08:44:07

I have recently moved to the area (Chessington, Surrey) and my partner and I are planning to try for a family next year.

Unfortunately I suffer from Tokophobia (phobia of childbirth). I would like to overcome this fear prior to getting pregnant as I'm concerned my anxiety levels would negatively effect a future pregnancy.

At the very least I would at least like to be able to control my anxiety and have an elective c-section. However I am fully aware of the risks of a c section and it's part of my fear but the lesser of two evils. I am very concerned about the recovery time which is partly why I would like to overcome my fear of natural birth.

I have joined a new GP surgery (Chessington Park Surgery) and I approached one of the GP's about a referral for Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), as my previous GP was very understanding and would have done the referral but couldn't because I had changed address and was out of the area.

Anyway the GP I saw reluctantly agreed to refer me but said there was no guarantee it would be accepted because I wasn't yet pregnant. I tried to explain my reasons for asking for help early on but all I got was judgemental about mental health and patronising remarks about whether I am ready to be a parent, which were not helpful in the slightest. I got the impression this GP did not believe mental health was a real thing.

Is there anyone locally that knows of a GP at Chessington Park Surgery that is understanding about mental health? As I would like to find one, so if I am lucky enough to get pregnant next year, it's one less thing to worry about if I have a supportive GP.

OhTheRoses Sat 10-Nov-18 12:29:55

I'm sorry you are suffering OP. However your GP commissioning comes under Surrey Downs. They commission MH services from Surrey and Borders Partnership. Not enough services are commissioned and what is commissioned is of inadequate quality. In this area even suicidal young people are unable to get the MH support they need.

Your GP has to ration very carefully znd there isn't enough to go round even those who are seriously unwell.

I think you have two options. Either insist on an ELCS and see if care is available through maternity services when you are pg. Or seek private therapy.

I hope you get through this. MH services in Surrey are absolutely woeful and that has probably informed your GPs perspective. I was told by mine to get my self harming teen (cutting and pills) to get therapy off the internet.

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