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Moving to pontyclun - commute to Bristol advice

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Bluebeetle7 Mon 02-Jul-18 15:23:41


Me and my husband and DD of currently 10 months are thinking about a move to Pontyclun from Surrey beginning of next yr. Am originally from Pontypridd (left 13 years ago) and we had originally considered Cardiff (as DH will be commuting to Bristol) but now think Pontyclun will offer us more for our money than Cardiff suburbs.

Can anybody tell me what the commute might be like to Bristol from Pontyclun though? DH would drive to Bristol for either 9am or 9.30 starts and so wondered how much worse it would be coming from Pontyclun instead of say, Rhiwbina/Whitchurch. That's our main decision-maker between the two areas now so would be great to know whether it would be a nightmare for him or not much more of a journey...

Worry that any future housing developments in the area could impact, too - anybody know where to find out about that, as I can't see much about it on the RCT council website?

Thanks in advance for any help!

hedgehoginthebag Sun 08-Jul-18 09:46:18

Hi - I am considering moving to that neck of the woods with a potential commute to Bristol - I was wondering if you have had any joy with your research?? x My son is 7 and we have a bit of family who have settled down Pontyclun way. With the toll being lifted to get into Wales and the good transport links I was thinking it might be a good option for me as a working Mum...

Bluebeetle7 Tue 10-Jul-18 10:20:56

Hi! Nice to meet someone thinking the same thing! Afraid I haven't had much luck with figuring out the length of commute but from Cardiff it seems quite easy according to some friends back there - about and hour. It's just figuring out what the traffic is like between Pontyclun and Cardiff approaching the Coryton roundabout, as I've heard that isn't too great... I'm going to ask around a bit and will let you know if we find out more. The schools look good around there (though we are looking at welsh ones) and I know the surrounding Llantrisant area from when I was a child (though it has likely changed a lot!) - it's got a lot going on for outside of a city so seems like a good place to move to xx

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