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Dilemma! Downs or Balfour.Please Help!

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BackFromJkt Mon 02-Jul-18 04:47:08

I have 3C, 2DDs (3 and 8) and DS (5). Got offered a place at Balfour for DD(8) which is closest to my home. This only happened after I accepted Downs Junior. This is tricky as DS(5) has a place at Hertford and DD (3) goes to pre-school. Downs Junior seems to suit my DD, because of Arts and Drama. Would you pick Balfour over Downs? Is it reasonable to pick a school because pick up and drop offs would be easier? Would you? All advice welcome. Have not had the chance to visit the schools yet and will only be back after working abroad a week before school. Thanks in advance.

Flitter123 Mon 02-Jul-18 20:49:12

Personally I would go for Balfour if I were you, just on the basis it will be easier to get your other two in quicker( you've got more chance if you live closer and also Balfour's not as popular at the moment for some reason). That why'll have them all at the same school.

BackFromJkt Tue 03-Jul-18 12:06:21

Thanks for your advice Flitter. You are right I will have a better chance of getting the other 2 in because of distance. Do you know why Balfour is not so popular please? Is it just because of lack of SEND provision?

Flitter123 Tue 03-Jul-18 12:59:39

I think it had a bad ofsted but also all the schools are really undersubscribed at the moment (low birth rate or something). Downs is still over-subscribed tho - maybe because it's a bit more central. Balfour is a very established school in a nice area so I doubt you'd have many problems.

BackFromJkt Tue 03-Jul-18 16:06:45

After looking into the after school activities. I am going with Downs. It looks like this might be a reason why its popular. Activities start when the school ends at 3:15pm, and there is separate provider for wrap around care. Activities often start at 5pm at Balfour which would be difficult for me. Thanks for you help.

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