Places in the north west for a day out with air con

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mrsnolasco Sat 30-Jun-18 23:20:39

No problem! Have you found anything else to do yet? There are plenty of museums etc about up this way too. Liverpool World Museum is fabulous.

Speechiebaby Fri 29-Jun-18 22:05:31

Oo that's a good option I'll have a look online for prices thank you! X

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mrsnolasco Fri 29-Jun-18 21:42:38

Do you drive? Blue planet aquarium is awesome, near Chester zoo.

Speechiebaby Fri 29-Jun-18 21:39:55

It's so hot!! We are living in a caravan as building a house and want somewhere for me and my 3 month old to go in the day that has air con! I have walked around Tesco and Trafford centre ha just wondering if anyone had any ideas to get out of the mid day heat . Tia

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