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St Johns Primary in Clifton, Bristol

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SuperSiingleMum Fri 29-Jun-18 06:25:55

Im facing the possibility of moving my Reception aged child to St Johns Primary in Clifton for September to begin in Year 1. Does anyone have any inside information in the school and more specifically what the Year 1 teachers are like.

My son is being guided by SEN at his current school - we are not exactly sure what he ‘has’ but he would need a supportive environment as transitions are hard for him but he has been able to integrate nicely and is quite social and fun. How is the SEN support at St Johns does anyone know?

I realise this may seem daft to move him but I feel the school he is currently attending is a bit too conservative and results driven as a whole. As he is quite creative as well I’d like not to totally squash that by the strict regime that results driven schools can enforce. smile

broccolitree Tue 03-Jul-18 15:40:01

I will pm you

mandarina Tue 07-Aug-18 15:28:48

Hi there, I am also looking to move my daughter to St Johns and would welcome any candid reviews.

broccolitree Wed 08-Aug-18 19:23:03

Hi, I will pm you!

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