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Working Nights With 2 Children?

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Hmsxoxxx Tue 26-Jun-18 21:26:13

Hi all 😊
I’m looking for some advice as I’m currently stuck on what to do..
I have 2 young children, 7 and 18 Months.
I am currently doing an Access to Health course part time (2 years) with the goal of becoming a midwife and have just finished my first year.
I currently work 14 hours at my local supermarket but have just managed to get a x2 12 hour night shift job (6pm-6am) as a care assistant, it’s less pay than what I’m on now, but more hours so I am still better off, also I am desperate to get some care experience to strengthen my university application so I can start ASAP (I’m 25 and not getting any younger!)
Only issue is, it’s a rotation shift. One week weds, thurs nights and the other Saturday and Sunday. Weekend one wouldn’t be a problem as my partner is off so I will be able to sleep, and Thursday evenings would be ok as he finishes at 12pm on a Friday so I would just need to keep myself awake. But Wednesday nights is worrying me a little as Thursdays I would ideally need to put her in childcare, but would only want to put her in 8-12pm. Would having 4 hours sleep before starting again Thursday night be realistic? I have never worked nights before or a 12 hour shift! How do people manage working nights with children?

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