Thinking of moving to Fleet

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kittencupcake Mon 25-Jun-18 22:12:43

Hi hoping to get some information on moving to Fleet, Hampshire. Currently in Surrey and looking for a bigger house, nicer community, nicer schools...Fleet seems to tick all the boxes but was hoping to hear from some locals in Fleet on any advice about the area? Where best to buy, what the primary schools are like, where should you live to fall into the catchment area? if it is really as good as it sounds? Anything would be lovely. thanks smile

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MoistCantaloupe Thu 18-Oct-18 19:29:34

Hi Kittencupcake - did you get any information in the end?
I am thinking of the same thing/need the same advice!

austenozzy Thu 18-Oct-18 19:43:41

A friend used to live there. Might’ve been farnborough, I can’t remember. It didn’t strike me as all that but that might just have been where they were. All a bit bovis box city, and half a million quid bought an unremarkable identikt house. I’ve no idea re schools etc. The onlynpubs near them were beefeater style bland forgettable places. And it’s practically under the M3 and noisy as hell if you’re not used to it. The villages nearby might be nicer. Hartley Wintney was nice when I played a cricket match there many years ago.

JosellaPlayton Thu 18-Oct-18 19:56:28

I know it very well. My thoughts are:

Trains to London aren’t as good as they used to be since the franchise changed. Average is about 50 minutes but delays are frequent and seats aren’t a given.
The high street is quite boring, mostly dull chain shops and a rather depressed half empty shopping centre.
The town centre nightclub (underneath the Waitrose for maximum classiness) attracts some rowdy youth on a Friday/Saturday night.
Some state schools are considered better than others but my understanding is that they’re all good. Very limited private co-ed day school options if that bothers you. Hampshire schools generally don’t have 6th forms so you’d be looking at the 6th form college in Farnborough which is excellent.
Traffic is bad but probably no worse than you’re used to in Surrey.

Nothing wrong with Fleet, it’s a perfectly nice place but I wouldn’t be rushing to move back. Given the choice I’d live in Farnham, Surrey over Fleet any day!

MoistCantaloupe Fri 19-Oct-18 13:05:53

Great, thank you both, that's really helpful!

notearthmum Sun 23-Dec-18 08:18:45

Hi- only just seen this thread and as I’m local I thought I’d reply. I’ve grown up in Fleet and seen so many changes here. Despite the town now being a bit rubbish, I still think it’s a pretty good place to live. From infants, right through to secondary, all of the state schools here are fantastic. Mine did Crookham Infants, All Saints Juniors and Calthorpe Park. Youngest is still at Calthorpe and it’s brilliant. Eldest is at Farnborough 6th, which so far seems ok. Location of Fleet is great- close enough to Guildford, Reading and Amazingstoke to get to decent shops. Drs surgeries are chocka so difficult to get appts, but isn’t that the case wherever you live? Generally a safe place to live, unless you believe everything you read on ‘Fleet Parents’ (FB) which will tell you it’s become a hotbed of crime! We have lots of great eating places, some very good (non chain) pubs (particularly The Fox and Hounds, for food) and a lovely canal to walk the dog along. Merry Christmas and maybe I’ll bump into to you someday 😊🎄🎅🏼⛄️🎁

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