Research on Glasgow parents (3-5 minute survey on the change in law around smacking/physical punishment)

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smackingban Fri 22-Jun-18 15:28:24

I used to lurk on this board to see what was going on in and around Glasgow for parents, but I've created an alternative account to post this. I don't think the board is as active as it once was, but I thought I would share it anyway!

With the help of a group of Glasgow parents, I've created a 3-5 minute survey exploring Glasgow parents' views on the 'smacking ban'.

There have been studies on the general public, but no one has really asked parents how they feel about this change. My aim is for this research to identify how government and other agencies can support parents through this change (be it through better communication, practical parenting support etc). This research is part of a Master of Public Health at the University of Glasgow.


Chris Sweeney

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