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michelleryryan Wed 20-Jun-18 21:22:25

Can anyone reccomend a friendly playgroup in Chiswick to meet some mums and toddlers?

groveparker Thu 28-Jun-18 21:49:08

Hi Michelle
I can recommend Grove Park Stay and Play which meets on Tuesday afternoons in St Paul's Church in Grove Park ie other side of the A4 from the High Road. (find them on Facebook.) It's run by Alice & a group of local mums and summer is a lovely time to come along as there is a great garden to meet in.
(And while you are there, you can get a taste of the Grove Park Playgroup & Preschool, which I am the secretary of, and is a lovely preschool for your Toddler when s/he gets older. But as the Stay & Play isn't run by us, I feel I can recommend them objectively! )

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