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Ameliaclem Tue 19-Jun-18 23:22:17

Hi jade! Hope you are feeling well. I am 24 and 15 weeks pregnant into my first pregnancy. I am looking to make some mummy friends too! Xx

Jadieepoos9 Fri 15-Jun-18 15:46:09

Hello, I’m Jade 21 from Chelmsford!
I have a little girl nearly 6 months, we had a very stressful horrible journey throughout my pregnancy and she was then delivered 6 weeks early.
She’s doing amazing just needs to catch up so on special formula and getting there, she’s very smiley and chatty which I love!

Me and my other half have been saving for a mortgage and my other half can only get a small mortgage (we are considering help to buy but would like to do this on our own) and I’m looking for a home-based job with flexible hours to earn a little to then be able to hopefully help get more and get back into work and have my own money back, if anyone could help me with any recruiters etc... that would be very very appreciated! Living at my mums isn’t what we want as we want to live just as our family!

I would also like to make more mummy friends and meet and for my daughter to grow a circle of friends especially when she can sit up and play with toys etc...

Hope to hear from some of you xx

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