Maternity care in Surrey - how was it for you?!

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CitizenAmbassador Tue 12-Jun-18 15:10:08

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone would like to talk to me about their experiences of (or their views on) maternity care in Surrey?

I'm a citizen ambassador for women and children’s services in the Surrey Heartlands area. My role is to meet women in the Surrey Heartlands area (so women in west and central Surrey, as on this map), to listen to their experiences of women and children's services. I then feed back those experiences and views to the people who plan and improve NHS services. I work with Healthwatch Surrey and the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership.

If anyone would like to talk to me, anonymously and confidentially (obviously bearing in mind the usual safeguarding provisos) about their experiences of maternity care, please drop me a PM and I'd be happy to set up a meeting. I'm interested in hearing about all kinds of experiences and views - from the negative to the positive and anything in between. It all helps to build up a picture of what is working and what isn't.

A bit more about my role and the organisations...
Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership (HCP) is a partnership between Surrey County Council and NHS services in west and central Surrey. The citizen ambassador role was developed as part of Surrey Heartlands HCP's citizen engagement and insight programme, to enable the views and needs of local people to be represented in this process. To ensure that the citizen ambassadors provide a fully independent voice, Surrey Heartlands HCP asked Healthwatch Surrey, a watchdog for health and social care services, to recruit and employ us. Healthwatch Surrey is an independent consumer champion organisation which listens to the public's views and concerns about healthcare and feeds those back to the the people who plan and run provision. Healthwatch also provides a free advice and advocacy service.

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