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Thinking of moving to St Martins nr Oswestry - can any locals give me the lowdown on the area?

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sophiebeth Fri 08-Jun-18 12:40:46

Hi, looking to get some insider info on what it's like to live in St Martin's, Oswestry (the Ifton Heath area). Am single mum with 11yo DD currently in Hereford but selling my house where we've been living with my mum and looking to make a fresh start with a bit of distance between me and my mum (have previously posted in AIBU about the difficulties there!). Seen house on RM which looks alright and within budget, and within travelling distance of Bishop Heber school about which I've read good things. So is St Martins a kid/teen-friendly place? Move will be a big change for DD so want to make sure it's right for her.

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