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Moving to Hertford... or somewhere else?!

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Cristiana79 Wed 06-Jun-18 10:51:09

Hello Everybody! smile
Im new to this site. Me and Hubby are thinking to move to Hertford. I have been there few times, and I love the area, very green and quaint. I am wondering how is living in Hertford. The last time I was there I have noticed that Waitrose is not there anymore, and where once there were lots of shops, now is pretty empty. What happened? I have also heard about the quarry, which is a bit scary... any news regarding that yet? Do you think it would effect the property market?
We are coming from Enfield (the nice part), and we are very much used to the London, cosmopolitan open mind vibe. I'm looking for a place a bit arty, were there will be few events going on. We are also very fond of a quite life, where I can walk my dog and enjoy life in simplicity. We are definitely not party people! smile Also, just to mention, we are both Italians, I hope Hertford is not one of those places pro-Brexit, no immigrants... coming from London, that would be a bit of a shock for me. I am also open to new suggestions if you have any. For example I have heard about Hitching, but don't know much about it. Please feel free to tell me anything you know that could be useful for our move out of London. We just want to be in a nice country area, very green, but with some interesting events now and then, where we can afford to buy a two bedroom house with garden. Thank you so much for your help! smile Wishing you a good day! Xx

mintwater Tue 04-Jun-19 11:40:35

Hello - I'm in the same boat! Can I ask what happened with you? Did you move?

I have similar concerns... the Hertford MP's voting record is completely opposed to my beliefs and he's been voted in for several years. Hertford was slightly in favour of Leave. But it's such a lovely place, friendly people, beautiful town and seemed to have everything (two train stations, a castle, museum, shops, very old architecture, nice-looking bars, cafes and restaurants. Also quite a few social groups happening and it seems to have a lovely vibe.

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