Eptopic saved, one last tube left, unsure partner

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Lauraandleonie Wed 06-Jun-18 00:15:54

Heyy girls.... and boys,, I am new to this hope I haven't posted it the wrong thing please let me know if I have, can delete, a long story I'm afraid, first of I'm now 28, all my life I've had a shite one, (if I can say that) but as us women are, we hold together, I have had numerous pregancys not working out, my son been born with his bowl on the out side (in side me), dont want to go into everything but didn't work out' was 17 at that point in my life, a misscarage after that, then a eptopic with my right tube removed then a succsess full pregancy with my baby girl Leonie who is now 6 found out I had strep B then, close and almost had my baby girl septesis bad spelling but (blood poisonings,,) with treatment worked out, and now my princess is fast asleep after a long bike ride, 😁 I have had three miss carriages in between, I must admit before anyone says anything it's been years after each other, not one after another,,, I just class my self as unlucky, and I have now met the man of my dreams BUT girls,, I've had the methotrexate injection due to my left side been a optopic this week, 😭 scared af about the next one, but before my tube was saved by this injection I had a talk with my partner whom I'd been with quite a long while, I tryed to talk to him about ivf in case of my tube had to be removed as the doctors were keeping 48 hour watch on me, and he just went quite , I felt horrible and started to cry with no comfort from him, was like he was disgusted,, I asked if he would leave Me if ivf was the case he didn't answer me,, and turned away, I felt gutted and upset, but held onto hope, I kind of new the eptoic feeling before, so I new before it even was diagnosed,, with the light sided pain, I had this pain before, I knew exsatilly what it was, but though to bring up the question with him anyways well lucky enough I was saved with methotrexate, so fare, and my last tube is okay FOR NOW ANYWAYS, but playing on my mind is that my partner sounded like he'd leave me if I had to do Ivf, i had longer convo with him but still he sounded unsure trust me, just don't want to make this longer than it is (but YES ivf is pricey but only chance I would have had) now i don't even feel like trying for conception after that coversastion with him, WELL HE DIDNT EVEN TALK TO ME AT THE TIME,,I NEEDED SUPPORT)until he found out I could save my tube,, I have one saved tube for now a beuitifull girl age 6, who's always bugging for a sis or bro lol, but I'm scared if I leave not one will want me if my only chance is ivf (in case this tube goes wrong too) history says quite likely), there's me thinking some one actually loves you 😂 until you can't have there child with out spending thousends, xxx any advice any one.

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MyKingdomForBrie Wed 06-Jun-18 00:27:40

Don’t have a child with this guy. Any cracks in a relationship will be blown wide open by a new baby and he does not sound supportive or loving.

TomMarkle Wed 06-Jun-18 00:32:01

You'd be better off reposting this in Relationships - and try to condense it so it's easier to read. This area doesn't get much traffic.

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