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D456 Mon 04-Jun-18 13:53:16


I’m going to be attending Durham university as of October and am currently looking at rented properties. I’m living in the south at the moment so I have no knowledge of any of the areas what so ever.

I’m looking for places not too far from the university so I do not have to do a long commute, however I would rather be a little further than all the students as I would rather a more quiet place with no worries about student neighbours as I have a daughter who is still very little.

I would also like to be close by to some shops and things to do with my little one (although not a massive problem as hoping to be driving by then). Also I’d like to avoid any rough/run down areas if there are any.

If anyone local can give me any advice on nice places to look I’d reaaallly appreciate it smile

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Sunshinethroughclouds Thu 07-Jun-18 19:28:03


mantlepiece Thu 07-Jun-18 19:54:18

Hi there, I would be looking north or west of the city if I were you. Places like Langley Moor, ushaw moor, sacriston,etc are all small communities with shops and nice schools, good transport into the city. If budget allows, newton Hall, Neville’s cross are nearer the city but will be more expensive. Belmont, Carville are to the east with good transport but are housing estates with shops, good transport but will be more expensive than the small villages to the west.

Durham is a very small but beautiful city and is full of students! The outlying villages are very community oriontated and people are very friendly. Everywhere has the potential to have a “bad area” but on the whole there is not much crime up here compared to most cities. Good luck

KepierHead Thu 07-Jun-18 20:04:51

As well as the places mantlepiece suggested, don't rule out the city itself without taking a look. If you avoid the viaduct area, most places have a mixture of students and others, and there's pressure on landlords and the uni to keep the students from annoying other residents. There are several student houses in my street but it's still a lovely quiet place to live. Also plenty of toddler groups and kids' activities on, and there are good schools too.

Sunshinethroughclouds Thu 07-Jun-18 22:12:16

I live in a place called Langley Moor, which is a small village abt 1 mile outside of Durham, there is a High Street with shops here and a park with a good play area for children. There are mostly Postgrad students here with undergrad in the city centre. Access for Durham is easy by bus or car or you can walk it in abt 20/30 mins. I think rent is abt 450/500£ PCM for a 2 bed house. There is a Tesco here & a good junior school. If you want any more info, let me know x

D456 Thu 07-Jun-18 22:35:43

Thank you so much!

I will have a look at all the places mentioned above.

I have heard from many it’s a lovely place which is promising since my hometown isn’t the nicest and I want a safe place for my little one to grow up in smile

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