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blair659 Fri 01-Jun-18 19:20:27

Hello mumsies! I'm moving to Glasgow with my 5 yr old and would love some advice! (Especially since I already researched Edinburgh to death, even going there to find an apartment, and am now running low on time to look into Glasgow :-O).
My son is bilingual already and I love the idea of him learning a beautiful, ancient language like Gaelic. I am not one for pouring over league tables; I just want a school with a good culture. Question: would we be doing a disservice to native Gaelic speakers trying to get their children into the school if we weasel our way into the catchment area (especially since we would not be there from nursery age)?Alternatively, are there are any interesting, urban pockets (wanting mainly to rely on feet for transportation) but near a happy school, ideally with a strong music program, that I should look into? I will be living as a single mum (work-travelling husband will keep his base in US), so I am not looking for leafy suburbs--I want a small flat and a park nearby! (Dare I say vege cafe?) Visiting soon and would love some guidance on which neighborhoods to explore. *Whitehill Secondary is where my favorite Glaswegian author went to school if anyone has an opinion on this area:-P. Budget is trim, but initially I am only going to rent a small 2 BR, so it should leave most areas open. Thank you all so much!

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blair659 Fri 01-Jun-18 19:26:40

Whitehill is in Dennistoun, thanks

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