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Moving to Tiverton in the summer

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Panjang Fri 01-Jun-18 11:53:25

We will be moving to the Tiverton area in the summer due to a new job. I just scanned through some old threads and nobody has anything nice to say about the town. I visited at Easter and thought it was lovely. What am I missing? Criticisms are all a bit vague. We don't want or need chocolate box Devon, so hoping it will suit us. Should we be looking to live elsewhere and commute? Are there some dodgy areas we should avoid? We will rent to begin with, so will hopefully get a feel for the place but if anyone has some specific information I would be grateful.

popsocks Fri 01-Jun-18 12:05:44

I live in Tiverton and i think its a lovely place to live.

The town centre has some lovely independant shops, but not many chains. Taunton and Exeter are both about 20 minutes away.

There is several primary schools and only 1 secondary school. There is also a couple os secondary schools a bus ride away, Cullompton and Uffculme.

The westexe area has a lovely big park with a paddling pool for younger children and is close to the town centre.
The moorhayes area is a large development, fairly new houses.
Which area are you looking at for renting?
There is the usual problems you get everywhere, noisy neighbours, i guess its down to luck who you get.

Depending where the job is, you may wish to live at the same end of town. Can get very busy commuting, as everyone trying to get on the link road at the same time.

Am happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

Panjang Sat 02-Jun-18 06:04:28

Thanks Popsocks. Our youngest is 18, so schools are not an issue. I'm not sure which areas we should rent but now I know about traffic it would probably be best to rent on the East side, or in a village out towards the M5. I'm happy to have found someone who likes living there though. There's not much available to rent online with 3+ bedrooms and a garage so it looks like we won't have much choice anyway.

popsocks Sat 02-Jun-18 09:28:46

There is a new housing development being built now along the eastern side of Tiverton. Although that probably wont be of any help to you moving this summer.

I would check the bus timetables to the villages you are looking at if you have non driver teens. I know one village that the last bus from Tiverton is 6.45pm! And dosent run on Sundays!

The nightlife if your youngest is into pubs/clubs, is not too bad. Few pubs and 1 nightclub. Lots of teens go clubbing in Taunton or Exeter, using taxis or minibus as the last bus from Exeter to Tiverton is around 11pm

One of the reasons we love it here, is the beautiful walks around Tiverton, close enough to Dartmoor and Exmoor. North and South Devon beaches can be reached in about 30 - 40 minute drives.

For shopping we have a Morrisons and Tesco. There is also a small M&S, and a small co op.
Lidles had planning permission for a store near Tesco.
The nearest Aldi is in Cullompton. And Asda, Iceland, Sainsburys etc are in Taunton and Exeter. All deliver to Tiverton except Iceland.

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