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Relocating to Lower Parkstone, Poole

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Esparks Wed 30-May-18 17:30:46

Hi everyone
We are thinking of relocating to Lower Parkstone area from London with our primary school aged children. Would love to hear people’s thoughts and views on the area and the schools, we are either looking at Courthill Primary or Lilliput CofE,
and then Baden-Powell.
Any thoughts on the area and schools would be much appreciated.
Many thanks

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SinkGirl Wed 30-May-18 17:33:27

I grew up in Ashley cross and lived there again recently - it’s such a lovely place but expensive compared to even being 0.25 miles away so have a little look around (although if I could afford it I’d live back in central Ashley cross where I grew up as you can walk to everything, including Poole park). My brother went to Courthill and we all went to Baden Powell - they were lovely then, although I’ve heard Lilliput is better than Courthill these days.

bugaboo218 Wed 30-May-18 17:48:30

Lower Parkstone is a great area to live, but it is expensive! Lilliput, Courthill and Baden Powell are all good schools

Poole and Bournemouth are generally lovely areas to live, but if you are expecting to find The (South West) London vibe, then you will be disappointed. It is not Wandsworth, Battersea or even Richmond!

Ashley Cross does have a few nice restaurants and bars, Canford Cliffs is nice a few indie shops, but lots of older people rather than families.

What is your budget? Renting or buying?

Poole also has a Grammar School system for secondary school.

Gdpvd Thu 31-May-18 20:13:34

Hello we've just made the move and found out today that our daughter got into Lilliput School. It’s supposed to be great but I haven’t actually been round it yet! We originally put her down for Talbot Heath. Do you think Lilliput compares?

If we go esparks, I’ll let you know how we get on!

We are in the Canford Cliffs area so Lilliput's a bit nearer. I somehow managed to avoid learning to drive (darn that excellent public transport in London!) and now need to get a move on!

Fadingawayagain Wed 27-Mar-19 07:15:49

Hi sorry to jump on the thread and I know it’s a bit old so don’t expect a reply but has anyone got an update?
I’ve just moved to canford cliffs village and have applied for Lilliput and Courthill. I’ve been told Lilliput is the best but for some reason my heart is telling me Courthill

Stephlouise Wed 01-May-19 09:28:41

Hi we are also moving from London to lower Parkstone. Iv heard great things about liliput but we are not in the catchment so likely would be couthhill. Any reviews or experiences on the schools would be great xx

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