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Nursery & Where to live

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Gulsun Tue 29-May-18 16:27:20

Hi all,

Thank you for reading this thread. I will really appreciate your suggestions.

My husband, our 13 month old boy and I are moving to Coventry this July for work reasons. We are currently living in Shrewsbury and we really like it here, looking for somewhere similar to here which is nice and safe for kids.

I will be working at the Coventry Hospital 9am- 5pm four days a week and also will be doing night and weekend shifts.

My husband works 9am-5pm in West Bromwich, Birmingham and will be commuting everyday for work. He prefers driving as his workplace is not close to any train stations.

Our little one will go to a nursery.

Where would be the best location to live in or around Coventry considering my husband’s commute to work and considering a good nursery?

It will be very appreciated if you could recommend a friendly and family-like nursery for my little one, as well.

Thank you so much in advance!


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