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duckymum17 Mon 28-May-18 18:49:27

Hello! I don't often post but I was hoping to get your opinions on leaving London...

My husband and I have decided to leave North London and we have found a new build house in Melbourn, South Cambs which we have put in an offer over the weekend. I have lived in London all my life but since having a baby last year we have decided to leave earlier then planned, because as you know priorities change once kids come along!

I have very mixed feelings about leaving, on one hand we live in a very overcrowded part of NE London in Haringey, so we yearn not to walk on filthy pavements or past the latest dumping of a mattress, we have a lovely victorian terrace which we only bought 2 years ago but we are constantly on edge from general noise from neighbours and the local high street always feels so hostile. On the other hand all my friends still live here and my parents live in SE London, its so part of my identity and i love the buzz of being in the thick of it.

Anyway! I am essentially posting this hopefully find some general reassurance about Melbourn, Royston and surrounding areas. DH works mostly from home but does commute into London once or twice a week for meetings, hence find somewhere close to a commutable station.

Please tell me we are making the right decision!!

Thanks in advance.. :D

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maggienolia Tue 12-Jun-18 16:51:39

Depends what you're looking for in Melbourn.
. .I wouldn't say that there's a buzz, it's very quiet generally (definitely no abandoned mattresses).
There is good provision for children, the local primary covers 2- 11 and the secondary 11+. There is a man who sprays pink rings round any dog poo (yes really) but not much gets deposited.
Where is the house? If it's up the New Road end there is an estate planned over the road but if you're up near the college it's less busy.
Train station is a 10 minute walk from the centre.
I would say it's quite small town , everyone knows everyone else's business though.

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