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dtpitman1 Sun 27-May-18 21:08:13

Barbarians Vs England game ended with the fans flooding into all eateries in Richmond and Twickers. At Macca's, was totally unprepared for this particular encounter with a group of folk consisting of two supposedly, responsible adults and three young lads; ranging in age fr 16 - 10. One of the adults was a hulking; at least above 6' 10" chap with his mate. The three lads with them were obviously their respective kids. A lovely young lady aged 17 comes and sits herself down at the next table from us and the two adults start taking her clothes off with their eyes; then the tall one starts to tell his kids especially the youngest one to mimic him by eyeballing her, they spend the next 6-8 mins making derogatory comments about the poor girl. I am finding the whole incident so bizarre that I can't actually take in what's happening! It feels totally unreal! I've got my young 13 year old with me who's evidently been subject to this floor show and it isn't till these "proud to be teaching my son to be an animal like me" leave that the poor girl turns to look at me and we both look at each other with eyes wide as saucers! She tells me she's off to an engagement party and her mate turns up shortly and all three of us sit there hardly daring to believe what just happened! I reported it to the Mngr of Macca's. To his credit, he took it seriously and went to speak to the girls. I leave still in a state of shock not believing that I can not even go to my local Macca's to get my daughter a burger without subjecting her to a show of sexual harassment at its finest. What would you guys have done? If any of you recognize my description of these five people, perhaps have a word? The power of mumsnetters.

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dtpitman1 Sun 27-May-18 21:10:59

Are the days of gentleman playing a hooligan's sport over?

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