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Chatterton Village vs Hayes

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Naima01 Fri 25-May-18 22:57:02

Dear all, we are looking to buy a property in the Bromley area and plan to start a family within the next 1-2 years. We've seen a property we really love in Chatteron Village but we're not sure about the area as on first appearances it seems a bit run down, though we haven't had a chance to really get a feel for the area yet. On the other hand we absolutely love Hayes with its wide tree lined roads and green spaces but our estate agents tell us Hayes is more an older area..

I wondered if anyone could offer opinions on Chatterton Village vs Hayes in terms of the neighbourhood, amenities and where would be better placed for schools? Thank you!

Anewchapter44 Wed 30-May-18 08:29:00

I would say Hayes is much better especially for schools. The majority of children that live in hayes will attend Hayes primary and secondary. There are also some lovely pre schools and playgroups in the area. There are a lot of older people in Hayes but also lots of families with young children. It is also more greener.

Chatterton village is nice. Know a few people that live there and they have no complaints. There is a nice little park and the everyday shops you need. It is a bit of a red area for schools as currently you only really have ravensbourne secondary (bishop justus if you are religious) ravenswood if you have a boy. Raglan is the local primary school to raglan village, very popular school but no reviews as i don't know anyone that goes there. Chatterton village is often used as a back road for drivers during peak times as Bromley common gets very congested.

I would imagine Chatterton village being a luttke cheaper and you may get more house for your money. Hayes is a lovely area but the house prices in my opinion are overpriced and i think the schools play a big part to this as many families move to hayes specifically for the schools.

EleanorRugby Thu 31-May-18 19:46:03

I have lived in Chatterton Village for over ten years and I wouldn't say it was run down! We moved here before we had kids and are still here. I really like living here: nice park, family friendly and I found the little parade of shops very useful when I had very small children. There is a post office, pet shop, pharmacy, Co-op with cash point etc. However I agree with the previous poster that Hayes is better for schools. Chatterton is a bit hit and miss for schools and their "catchment areas".
Houses in Chatterton village are cheaper but will be smaller and often won't have parking. However I would recommend the area. Another advantage is that it is so easy to hop on the bus into Bromley or to Bromley South station. I very rarely drive into central Bromley, which can be a pain for parking.

wednesdayrobyn Tue 05-Jun-18 16:54:37

We moved to Hayes 2 years ago from Beckenham with the plan of starting a family. I'd agree there are older people in Hayes but now that I have a 6 month old I'm finding there are actually a lot young families. We chose Hayes due to schools but also how easy it is to get to Bromley by bus or we walk sometimes. There are Arlo a few new restaurants and our local doctors are great which I don't think I've ever said before no matter where in the UK I've lived.

ShovingLeopard Tue 05-Jun-18 17:03:53

wednesday do you mind me asking why you moved from Beckenham? We are thinking of moving to either Beckenham, Hayes , West Wickham or Petts Wood/Orpington. Major reason is schools. We liked Beckenham, but note that it doesn't have any outstanding primary schools, and so the other areas seem better in that regard. We don't currently live in any of the above areas, so some inside knowledge would be v helpful!

Hope I'm not derailing, OP.

wednesdayrobyn Thu 28-Jun-18 08:35:09

Sorry only just seen your reply! We loved Beckenham however for the size of house we wanted Hayes was the more affordable option. Schools were also a deciding factor although we didn't have any children at the time of moving.

Patry Sat 08-Sep-18 06:09:53

I appreciate it’s been a while.
Have you moved now?
If you have chosen Chatterton village in the end, let me add we’re fantastically happy here.
Hit and miss with schools? It can be but if you can get into Raglan it is a wonderful school. Not only did amazingly well academically last year, kids are happy there. I just took my child back to school this week and we were all commenting about how happy all the children were to go back!
Also, the community is very strong. Lovely.
Yes, you get a lot more shops in Hayes but then we’re closer to Bromley town centre so you wouldn’t expect to have as much here.
Wherever you have moved to, if you have, I think both options are wonderful.

Rachelover60 Sun 06-Oct-19 07:49:56

I found this old thread and am interested. I quite like the look of Chatterton Village, am thinking of moving in due course and have seen suitable properties. I don't have young children (retired) so not bothered about schools and I like 'small' areas. It's also not far from where I live now so wouldn't be too alien.

If anyone has any more positive things to say about the village I'd be grateful.

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