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Bebe1983 Wed 23-May-18 17:38:31


My son is currently in year 3 and having a horrible time at our local state school. He has had bad/shouty teachers for the past 3 years and now hates school, which is very sad for him and me and his dad. I have tried to resolve the situation to the best of my ability but nothing has changed and the head refuses to tell me who will teach him next year.
What we really feel he needs is a more nurturing, kind environment where he can get back his love of learning and have more attention from the teachers in a smaller class.
So, we are thinking of moving him to the Gateway in Great Missenden. After visiting the open day I felt it could be the right place but there's nothing better than the opinion of people who actually know
My concerns are that as he is not hugely academic he will feel a bit left behind (but he feels that already, although he is bright and not anywhere near achieving his potential) having said that I doubt he would pass the 11 plus.
I want him to gain confidence, not lose more through not being picked for sports teams ect? Is it truly inclusive and nurturing as it seems to be?
Any opinions would be gratefully received, thank you.

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