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Moving to S.Bristol (Lower Knowle...)

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northbristoltosouth Thu 17-May-18 21:23:36

We've been in North Bristol for a number of years but are hoping to move our small family to South Bristol for jobs and a slightly bigger house.

We've seen a few houses comes up around Lower Knowle on the north and north east side of the northern slopes (Wedmore Vale/Bommie). I don't know the area at all and wondered if anyone knew what it was like? How safe is it and what's the area like? It seems there's a small community farm (we've been to the one in windmill hill but have just heard of this one).
Any thoughts appreciated.

catslife Sat 19-May-18 10:12:40

The community farm is Bramble farm and is run as a co-operative. It only has limited opening to the public unlike the city farm that is open all year.
It's slightly outside my area but could advise about schools if that helps.

SpottyBrolly Fri 15-Jun-18 20:46:00

I live in Lower Knowle, its lovely. Bramble farm isn't open to the public in the same way as WHCF but there is an open weekend on the 23/24th June when you can visit and possibly all about being involved. The bommie itself is lovely you get great views of the city and the balloon festival and delicious berries. If hive got small children they hold My Wild Child there every week. Also Victoria Park and marksbury road park are a 5 min walk away. Happy to chat more if you want to pm me.

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