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The low down on Knaresborough as a place to settle with a young family

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Blondie87 Thu 17-May-18 18:35:21


I live in West Yorkshire but am looking to move with my family to be more towards Harrogate way but with good access to the A1. A colleague recommended Knaresborough as it ticks many of our boxes. I’d be grateful if anyone could give me a run though of what Knaresborough is like, e.g. nice areas, decent primaries, what amenities it has and generally the vibe.

Zamaz Mon 02-Jul-18 07:40:44

Hi! Did you move there? We're moving in August and will also be new to the area!

Fashionista101 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:27:33

Just searching local, have you both moved? Enjoying it?

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