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Primary schools Sherwood, Mapperley Park area

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Cakecrusader Thu 17-May-18 17:56:07

Hi everyone,

I know there are lots of Moving- to-Nottingham threads but I'm wondering if I can pick people's brains about local state schools in North Notts. We're in the process of buying in Mapperley Park (should be there by end of June) and have been looking at a few of the local primaries. I've had a look around Carrington and I'm back next week to look at Claremont. Haydn is full and not offering visits until June. Does anyone have any direct experience of these schools they can share? Also are there any others that I should consider? We're not really in a position to look at the private schools. I'm doing lots of my own research online but I'm currently miles away and it would be good to get some insider info.

Lastly, other than Nottingham Mumsnet, are there any other online, groups/ forums for parents/ mums in the local area? I've found a Sherwood community group but just wondering if there's anything else.

Thank you!

Neshobe Thu 17-May-18 22:11:17

I live in Mapperley Park and some of my neighbors with infant/junior school aged children send them to Woodthorpe Infant School and very close to there is Ernehale Infant School. Both are in Woodthorpe which is a short 10 min drive away from Mapperley Park. You'll be going in the opposite way to rush hour traffic. They are both rated Outstanding I think.

Haydn Infant/Junior School is v popular and always oversubscribed. Claremont and Carrington are both rated Good as well.

Mapperley itself is close (5 min drive) to Mapperley Park (again opp direction to morning traffic). There are two schools there that are popular too. Mapperley Plains Primary School and Westdale Infant School - both rated Good again I believe.

Not too sure about online groups but there is a Mapperley Park Facebook group and a Sherwood one as well I think.

We've lived here about 3 years and absolutely love Nottingham. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth. There is a ton of things to do for children and it's just a very livable city.

Restautant/cafe wise in Sherwood there is the Crimson Tree for breakfast/lunch. Le Mistral a cosy French restaurant. Bakehouse - another coffee shop. In Carrington there is a great fish and chip place - The Cod's Scallops. A great Indian - Masala Junction.

Good luck with your move.

Cakecrusader Thu 17-May-18 23:32:42

Wow Neshobe, thanks so much for taking the time to share all this info. There’s loads there that I didn’t know that I’m off to investigate. I’m really looking forward to the move (even more so now!) - I just find the school stuff pretty daunting.

Thanks again

Glera Mon 13-Aug-18 10:18:44

There is Seely Primary in Sherwood not too far from Haydn.

There is also Walter Halls Primary on the way to Mapperley. It’s closer to Mapperley Park than Mapperley plains or Westdale Lane.

Cakecrusader Mon 13-Aug-18 12:58:49

Thanks Glera. I met someone the other day who mentioned Seely. I’ll look into it. We’ve moved now but still don’t have school places.

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