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Moving to Devon - relocation advice

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Charlie382 Thu 17-May-18 16:22:13

Hello, my family and I are planning to relocate to South or East Devon/Somerset border, somewhere between Modbury and Taunton.

We currently live, well survive, in a wee cottage in rural Essex, where I can pretend I live somewhere else entirely. However the cottage is unheated, falling to bits and landlord won't do squat, so we've snapped and decided to move. And now really, my eldest starts her GCSEs in September so need to get her a school place before they break up in July.

We had a look at rental prices in our area and, after we had finished laughing, made the decision to move to where we can rent somewhere half decent for a reasonable amount of money. We have chosen Devon because we love it - we're very outdoorsy, and it's not too far to drive back to the Mo in Law. Also I want to start a foodie business. (Husband and I currently both self employed as writers, so jobs/commuting not an issue.)

Question is where! After years in the sticks we like the idea of being in a small community (small town or large village, pref where there are arty hippy types), close to good schools, (3 girls aged 14, 9 and 18m). Came up last week and did a reccy, as I am more familiar with north Devon. So far have pinned down Totnes and Modbury in Devon, (bloody loved Totnes), and Taunton in Somerset.

- Topsham and Salcombe lovely but too expensive. Jury out on Dartmouth - I love it, husband not convinced (no offence to anyone who lives there it was a busyness- traffic thing!)

Be very grateful for any advice x

MysteryLovesCompany Thu 17-May-18 16:28:23

Taunton absolutely does not fit your scope!!

Wellington is nearby and close to Devon border but generally a lot cheaper than Devon itself. Small market town, lots of independent small shops, the town school is better than Ofsted suggests...

Totnes is lovely but I wonder if living there would take away some of the charm!

Sidmouth might be worth a look.

Charlie382 Thu 17-May-18 16:46:38

Is Taunton not a good option? It's not West enough for me I'll admit but have heard good things, has good schools etc. Will have a look at Wellington and Sidmouth, thanks x

MysteryLovesCompany Thu 17-May-18 19:10:11

Taunton is just very dull. Inoffensive, but dull!

Charlie382 Thu 17-May-18 19:44:45

Ha. OK, ta ;)

Grevillea Fri 18-May-18 03:32:22

Watching this thread as we're planning a similar move next year with a 15 & 11 year old (although from much further afield - Oz to be precise).
Due to my geographical location, Google & its maps are getting a good workout at the moment lol.
Have you looked at Kingsbridge, near Salcombe? The secondary school has an outstanding Ofsted report. Modbury seems to have some good, affordable property from what I've seen online but it's "too far" from the coast for us!

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