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MrsOld Thu 17-May-18 07:38:44

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant with first baby and am told that I have to choose a hospital for the birth before I can have my booking appointment and arrange the scan. Hubby has a daughter from his first marriage and he thought we would be able to look round both so I could decide where I was most comfortable, but it seems not! Does anyone have any experience of this? The 2 we are considering are st Mary's and wythenshawe. I put st Mary's down to get the appointment in but if we want to change it we'll have to do it soon. Thanks in advance! X

namechangedtoday15 Sat 09-Jun-18 19:11:05

My own experience - delivered at St Mary's for 1st pregnancy due to complications and needing access to Neonatal Unit - had never visited, lived 40 miles away but it was genuinely 1st class. Unbelievable care for me & babies. I would go as far as saying it would have been a completely different outcome if I'd been anywhere else.

So 2nd pregnancy, chose to go there even though by then Wythenshawe was closest hospital. Antenatal appointments were always late at St Marys, it is always busy but I was confident I was getting best care. No complications this time but I know they did have to close the unit sometimes (might be better now) due to the sheer volume of women in labour. Again, top class care. Just brilliant.

But I think 18 of 20 of my antenatal group went to Wythenshawe & were happy. It's a tough one because both are great.

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