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Repatriating with a young International family

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ytkz Wed 16-May-18 03:35:30

We are relocating back to the Uk after spending 15 years in the Asia regions. We did not have children when we left, but now have two boys aged 7 and 13. We have chosen Cheshire to move back to, but know very little about the specific towns and villages.We consider ourselves an internationally minded family with an open minded outlook, so we are looking for a town or village with the best fit for us in that regard. We have boisterous boys who love the outdoors, so somewhere they can just get on their bikes and go would be great. looking for a Primary school also and whilst many are already full (as we are looking at in year application), I'm chosing between, Waverton Primary, Tarvin Primary and Torporley Primary. It would be great to get an on the ground assessment of these schools from a parent perspective.(We wouldn't necessarily live in these towns).I am new to mums net as I did not have children I left, so any assistance here would be gratefully received.

ytkz Wed 16-May-18 04:03:02

Also, any information of Kelsall Primary ( that has converted to an Academy I believe)

hidinginthenightgarden Sat 09-Jun-18 19:25:00

HI there, I have only just seen this. My son goes to Waverton Primary. It is an excellent school. Lots of little trips this year and school events like disco's.

Feel free to ask me any questions. My son is only in reception but I know quite a few in other classes too. IT may be best to PM me though as I don't often get notifications of threads I am on.

mixedbunch Mon 11-Jun-18 09:50:29

Hi, we are in a very similar situation. Our family are looking to relocate back to the UK after living in the Netherlands for 14 years. We have kids of 8 and 10 who speak perfect English and I'm sure will fit right in. They hold Uk passports because my husband was born in the UK (in lancashire). The problem is I am worried because I am Czech and since we moved over to the Netherlands, there's been this vote to exit the UK, with a big influence of this seemingly due to Eastern Europeans (like me). I want to ask if I would be welcomed, or would it be a little frosty for me? Would getting work be difficult? Is there any particular areas we should avoid when choosing a location? We are looking closely at Northwich. Sorry to shoulder in on your question, ytkz, I hope you don’t mind.

Jessy85 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:25:52

Why do people with children get it into their heads that rural villages are a good fit for them? There is nothing for families there!

If you go to a village and almost everybody you see is old, that's because the younger people didn't like living there. Don't subject your children to the same suffering!

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