What should I do?

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Liverpoolfc1969 Mon 14-May-18 05:36:50

Hi Everyone,
I’m new on here and wanted to ask somebody about a predicament I’m in. I have loads of friends but a handful of female friends that I’ve grown up with. One of my dear friend is Cathy (not her real name), who went on holiday to South Asia for a sightseeing and backpacking tour. She was accompanied by a few friends from her workplace and others that were close to her and who I don’t really know that well. They formed a party of 6 that went for this 2 week break.
When Cathy returned she was not her bubbly/outgoing self and became distant with everyone including myself. I asked her multiple times what was wrong with her? Is she ill? Or something else? Was it a holiday romance gone wrong? Is she missing someone she met?
Although I didn’t push cause I could see the pain that she was going through. Over the course of the next 2/3 weeks we met regularly after work and on weekends and I slowly began getting through to her when she told me what had happened.
One of the guys that was in Cathy’s group met with some others in around India and decided to form a larger group to tour South Asia. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc.
She told me that there was 6 guys and 4 girls in their party by then and it was the last 3 days of their tour. Cathy told me that they were all invited to a beach party in Goa but she was not feeling well and decided to join them a bit later after a quick nap.
It was then that one of the guys entered her room with 3 local guys and gang raped her for 2 hours!!!!
I was heartbroken and angry at the same time and even more so when she told me she had told no one about this. The guy that instigated this is a friend of a guy Cathy works with.
Now I’m divided as to what steps I should take as a friend. I don’t want to hurt her more than she already is. Everyone knows that Cathy is behaving differently but they’ve no idea what the reason is. Please help, I want to go round and kick the face off that guy but my main priority is Cathy. I’ve tried talking to her but she does not respond well to the advice I’m giving her. I’ve told her to report it to the police here in the UK, but I don’t know if that’s the right advice.....
What should I do???

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MrsLemonadeBrain Mon 14-May-18 05:40:09

I think you’ve given good advice, just be there for her. Has she been to the GUM clinic? X
Are the perpetrators British residents? Report to uk police x

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