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Maths enrichment

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CertainSlant Sun 13-May-18 22:20:39


My family and I will be relocating to MK this summer - the Bletchley/Bow Brickhill area.

We are currently in London, where my DS does a science and club after school for KS1 stage kids. It is good fun, as he loves numbers and "experiments". Is there anything similar locally?

If not, I was wondering about a Maths "tutor" - just to do Maths games obviously. He is ahead of the curriculum (only in Maths, definitely not in other areas) and basically teaches himself, but I want to make sure he keeps getting challenges that he enjoys. Any recommendations for how to find someone good?

I'd really welcome any ideas!

Thank you.

Thalyda10 Tue 26-Jun-18 18:37:34

We sent our DD to this Tutor for 3 years now and she is really doing well and has enjoyed every single lesson with him . Some of my friends sent children to him too and he teaches all the subjects, preparing for 11+, GCSE and A level . This is his email address



Thalyda10 Tue 26-Jun-18 18:38:20

Sorry forgot to mention his name is Anthony

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