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Moving to Brighton or Hove.

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ARTEMIS82 Tue 08-May-18 20:24:13

We're wanting to relocate to the Brighton area. Just wanting to know what the cheaper areas of Hove are like? The hangleton and knoll estate are they nice places to bring up a family. I have one child with aspergers and severe anxiety (attending special school), and one child who is deaf. (3 young children altogether). Am I better going for a cheaper area of Brighton or Hove? Any advuce greatly appreciated.

Godowneasy Sun 03-Jun-18 23:09:41

I can't advise you about which area to live in, but you may want to make some contact with AMAZE which is a voluntary organisation working with sn children and their families.

They may be able to advise on which schools may be suitable for your children, which may affect where it would be best to live.

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