Decent gas fitter? Permit parking area.

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KingLooieCatz Tue 08-May-18 11:06:00

Can anyone suggest a gas fitter who'll take a job in a permit parking area?

I got a number for a fitter but once I told him where we live he said he only does outskirts of Edinburgh because of the difficulty getting parking.

If necessary we could get a day's exemption from the council, we did this for a kitchen fitter recently, but we need to know the fitter's going to turn up on the appointed day.

It's not a big job!

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LapsedHumanist Sat 16-Jun-18 03:28:08

Depends what the job is, but try L&S Heating

Cathy860 Wed 20-Jun-18 11:42:02

I used Zebra Property Services recently and they were great.

KingLooieCatz Wed 20-Jun-18 12:35:05

Thanks, we used a firm that put a leaflet through the door, bit pricey but they did several little jobs and they've been great.

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