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Secondary school advice Leigh/Westhoughton/Atherton area

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Euronic11185 Tue 08-May-18 08:52:08

I’m thinking of returning to the UK towards the end of this year with my two boys aged 10 & 11 and was hoping for some advice on schools in the Atherton, Leigh, Westhoughton area. I haven’t arranged anywhere to live yet so am quite flexible, however, I’ll be working very close to Atherton and don’t want an overly long commute to work (I will drive).
My eldest will be starting secondary school and a couple of schools in the area have sparked my interest. Westhoughten High, Bedford High and a bit further away Golborne High. Does anyone have any experience with these schools? Good or bad. Also how do the pupils get to school? Are there plenty of school buses? At the moment both my boys use their bikes to go to school as the roads here are very cycle friendly and we live quite close by.
Any info greatly appreciated

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