Moving to Trafford and looking for schools

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Spitfire007 Fri 04-May-18 02:56:56

Hi all,

We have 2 daughters (12 years old and 8 years old) and they are currently studying at a local secondary school and primary school in Hong Kong. The education here sucks. We just want them to live a happy life. So we are planning to move back to UK (Trafford area) in June 2019. I have been sending e-mails to almost half of the secondary schools in Trafford and all of them are oversubscribed.

Now, I am really concerned that when we move over, will my eldest daughter be able to get into a secondary school in Trafford amongst the competition for places? Can anyone give me advice? As for my youngest daughter, the Primary school application is responsible by the Trafford Council, so we should count on them to find a Primary school for her.


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namechangedtoday15 Sat 09-Jun-18 19:00:53

Secondary school applications are still dealt with by Trafford rather than schools directly. The choice is slightly limited since your DD will not be eligible for a grammar school place so will go on a waiting list if there are no places available. I think it's unlikely that there wouldn't a single place available but you may be allocated a place wherever one is available (rather than at a school you'd choose). You'd then go on waiting lists for other schools and have to wait till a place came available.

wejammin Sat 09-Jun-18 19:02:42

Which part of Trafford? Altrincham for example will be much more sought after than Stretford

liuekt Sun 10-Jun-18 00:38:03

Thank you both for your reply! I’m actually thinking of moving to Sale area. I think if my DD got into any secondary school that is available, I think it will still be a good school, right? There doesn’t seem to be any “bad” secondary schools in Trafford.

wejammin Sun 10-Jun-18 07:55:08

All the grammar schools are good. Most of the non-grammar are good but a couple are rated "requires improvement", I dont think in Sale though. I know in Stretford so kids travel out to Lymm and Knutsford high schools.

wejammin Sun 10-Jun-18 07:55:27

*some kids

liuekt Sun 10-Jun-18 15:48:58

Thx wejammin! I was reading how the ofsted reports are outdated...maybe the bad schools have improved grin

liuekt Sun 10-Jun-18 15:50:26

Oh and you know about stretford...would you say its grammar school is good?

wejammin Sun 10-Jun-18 22:26:27

From what I know (my oldest is still in infants) it is a very good school, but it's not very high on the list out of all the trafford grammars (because some of them are ridiculously amazing)

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