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Pregnant and new to St Neots - looking for exercise classes

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MrsPM673 Thu 03-May-18 10:49:41

Hello St Neots Mumsnet!

I am very new to all this and have only last year moved to the area with my husband from London. We are expecting our first baby in October and after a horrendous first trimester of sever sickness and vomiting, I am now managing with tablets and looking to get out and join a few other mums-to-be in either a swimming based activity or relaxation and light work out capacity. I heard the local pool has been closed for referb and so wondered if anyone knew of any other fun things in the area for pregnant women? Thanks so much

Reader1984 Thu 07-Jun-18 20:30:14

Hello. The pool is reopening early July. There is a yogabellies class on Sunday evenings. I have not enjoyed that though, depends on what you like. Other than that I don't know of much else. We start NCT soon so that might be a good way to get to know others? Good luck and welcome to St Neots.

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