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Getting help with disabled housing in Wakefield area

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hdh747 Wed 02-May-18 19:26:59

Hi, sorry this will be long.
I have a 29 year old daughter who has severe CFS and fibromyalgia, hypermobile joines, spinal schlerosis, and is a wheelchair user.

She left home a few years ago to live with her BF in an adapted bungalow- in Lincolnshire - and he was her carer. The relationship broke down and Lincolnshire social services set her up with carers until we were able to get her back home (travelling is very difficult). They said they would liase with Wakefield social and we should get a social worker in a few days and also help applying for suitable housing.

There are all sorts of problems with our house - we have a stair lift because of my health probs but when she uses it she has seizures and GP gave her a letter saying she needs a house with wheelchair access and no stairs. She is basically limited to her bedroom and the bathroom and can't even make hospital appointments because of the stairs mostly. Also both me and hubby are not well and struggling.
She came home Mar 2017. It took weeks to get a social worker so we couldn't get a carer and she couldn't get a bath etc. We had to buy a £400 bath chair and struggle with helping her with that.

Finally got a SW and she had been advised not to apply for housing herself as they would help. Long story short they cocked it all up and she didn't end up on the correct housing list till October 2017. But also social said if she found a property with a step they could fit a ramp. They also said they would refer her to 'vulnerable adults' to get help with housing. We think that there are disabled properties that they can refer her for but that aren't on the normal site. They never did the referrel but even a few days ago they were saying that on their files VA were helping us.

She applies for everything remotely possible every week but keeps getting gold none of the properties are suitable for her needs - but we can't seem to access the ones that would be without VA. On the housing website it says you can't refer yourself to VA, a social worker needs to.

We have been writing and phoning for months and months, getting passed around and told incorrect stuff. She made a formal complaint and we got a letter back that basically says, 'yeah we made some mistakes, sorry.' And that's it, no offers to put anything right. There was one sentence about VA saying she hadn't been referred, nothing about why or if she would be. Most of her points were ignored.

She's tried a couple of local councillors but they haven't been able to do anything so far. One got told by housing that basically there weren't any properites.

Can anyone advise at all please?

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hdh747 Wed 02-May-18 19:31:11

Sorry forgot to say, social said we could have a ramp but housing said not.
And there seems to be something about there being disabled properties that would be right but she's not classed as a full-time wheelchair user as she can take a few wobbly steps - but she does need to use it every day, nearly all the time. So basically she's too disabled for all the properties she can apply for and not disabled enough for the ones vulnerable adults could help with - we think - we're not clear on this.

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