Christs School, RPA - or moving?!

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lighteragain Tue 01-May-18 16:27:44

Hello! We live in South Kew which means the secondary we are likely to get is either Christs (our closest) or RPA.

What do you think about them? I'm concerned about both having been on tours, open days and hearing local talk.

Massively controversial I know, but... Should we move to Ham to get Greycourt?!

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AbsintheAndChips Wed 02-May-18 14:17:08

Can you say roughly where you live (eg near the Rec or something)? Historically waiting lists for Grey Court have seen a lot of movement so children in eg Marksbury Avenue have been offered a place over the summer. However it may be that things change this year as I think there are more applications in total. We live near Darell and quite a lot of DD's classmates seem to have been offered Twickenham and RPA (though the lists are moving and some have Christ's now, which I personally would definitely prefer to RPA).

I think Christ's is OK - for me it was the religion thing that put me off but the actual school seems lovely and I know a lot of parents with very happy children there. Personally I thought Grey Court was OK but I would not have moved house to get in! I don't know anyone with kids at RPA.

lighteragain Wed 02-May-18 22:34:55

Thanks Abs.

Have to got kids in secondary and if so where?

This year Greycourt has seen little movement on offers so far and is now still about a km away from us. I think in previous years we would have got in by September but this year looks unlikely.

I prefer Christs to RPA too as they seem gentler - despite really not wanting a religious school.

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lighteragain Wed 02-May-18 22:37:03

Sorry just realised you're talking about dd's classmates so I guess she's in year six - where are you planning to send her?

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onedayatatime73 Wed 02-May-18 22:41:15

I think they are building a new secondary school on the brewery site?

lighteragain Wed 02-May-18 22:41:59

Yes I think its first intake will be after 2019 though?

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AbsintheAndChips Thu 03-May-18 09:31:32

DD is going to St Paul's in Hammersmith. Her state offer was Tiffin, but I think we would have got Christ's if she hadn't got that judging by other people's offers. The state option I would have preferred above Christ's would have been Waldegrave (obviously not an option if you have a son) but it would have been a case of staying on the waiting list and hoping for the best.

DDqueen40 Thu 03-May-18 13:27:52

If you move to st margarets or twickenham you would have the option of all three outstanding secondaries - grey court, waldegrave & orleans.

sayatika Tue 15-May-18 12:32:37

Yes if you are going to move, move towards Twickenham. If you place yourself strategically enough grin you will be near to Grey Court as the crow flies and still have the option of all the others including Turing, RUT as well as Orleans and Waldegrave (remember there are 2 catchments for Waldegrave).

Christ's was our 2nd choice. Luckily my DC got their first but they would have been very happy there. I know lots of DC at Christ's who are doing very well.

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