Bully Busters workshop 13 May in Leyton, East London

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FarahButt1 Tue 01-May-18 15:26:33

On Sunday 13th May, I will be hosting a Bully Busters workshop to address bullying in schools as well as cyber bullying.

Figures show 50,819 youngsters contacted the Child Line helpline for a serious mental health problem in 2015/16 – up 8% over four years. Failing to address mental health problems early on can severely damage the lives of young people.

My workshop in Leyton, east London, aims to provide children with the strategies to overcome cyber bullying and bullying at school so that children can excel in school and at home to achieve confidence. However, this can only be done through awareness and empowering children with the toolkit to avoid being bullied, deal with bullying situations, stand up for their friends if they witness bullying and build or re-build their confidence. Please kindly share the poster to help make a difference to a child's life and their family. Please share post and register at www.bit.ly/bullybustersworkshop


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