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RIBAworkshops Fri 27-Apr-18 11:49:42

30 May - 1 June 2018, 11am to 4pm daily
For ages 6-10

Can our eyes play tricks on our brain? How do architects evoke the illusion of depth in their drawings and designs? Can we use perspective to alter the way we understand space? What is a vanishing point anyway?

This three-day workshop will teach participants how to use perspective creatively, by taking part in a series of creative games and challenges to discover the different ways architects and artists have used perspective to construct the illusion of depth or space.

The group will work on both small and large-scale projects to create mind-boggling artwork that help them understand the concept of perspective. They will learn how to make two-dimensional drawings look three-dimensional, and create an environment of their own using string and tape to demonstrate how optical illusion can change the way we look at architectural space.

This creative architecture workshop is led by educator Zoe Allen.


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