Didsbury Schools - Beaver Road or Didsbury CofE

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PaulaLouLou Wed 25-Apr-18 17:32:26

We live in Didsbury & are currently trying to choose a school for DD. We are in the catchment area for both Beaver Road & Didsbury CofE schools, & have our stamps to get into the latter! Both schools are Ofsted Outstanding & we were impressed with both on the tours. Just wondering if anyone with older children, who are familiar with these schools, has any insider information or recommendations? Thank you!

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Lifechallenges Fri 11-May-18 13:48:05

This depends on which extreme you want: a tiny school or a very large one. What is cute for a 4 year old can be stifling by 10. Massively different facilities and structure. Beaver Road First school is having big investment to improve facilities also as well as the new junior school.
I have children at and know families in both. I’d read up on threads re the pro and cons of large and tiny schools

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