New houses near Hughenden park in High Wycombe?

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gina8127 Tue 24-Apr-18 14:37:57

I have to apply for my DD's primary school this November and am doing research on catchment area. New Hughenden development next to the Hughenden park doesn't seem to be a catchment area for Downley school and I am not 100% confident about Disraeli.

Anyone has any idea about this area? My work place is Gerrards X so I am also considering to move to Chalfont St Peter or nearby but houses there seem higher than our budget. sad

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2019mum Tue 30-Jul-19 08:16:46


We're thinking of moving to High Wycombe (we have a 9 month old DD and want another baby soon) and saw a lovely new development and a home we love in Daws Hill Lane, however we haven't heard great things about HW centre.

Does anyone have any advice about moving to this area with a young family?

Thanks so much!

gina8127 Sat 14-Nov-20 20:13:00

Daws hill is actually a nice part of wycombe. Just avoid the actual town centre but there aren't many houses in the town anyway. I would say downley, hughenden valley, prestwood side of the wycombe are good for families with young family members, with lovely hughenden park with playground, good nurseries, primary schools, etc., whereas cressex, handy cross are good for secondaries.

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